Current best practices in commercial, institutional, and industrial construction include project commissioning. The commissioning process ensures system installation that conforms to the intent of the design, reduces energy consumption by confirming proper operation and control of equipment, and drastically reduces the frequency of contractor call-back during and after the project warranty period. With regard to the implementation of specific energy efficiency measures, commissioning ensures the persistence of energy savings long after the project is completed so that the benefits of energy efficient design may be fully realized.

Our commissioning philosophy: Our first duty is to the owner to provide for the efficient operation of installed systems in a manner facilitating today's tight project schedules.

Whether you're targeting the enhanced commissioning credit for LEED certification, simple post-inspection to confirm the operation of a system, or re-commissioning to identify areas where a building has strayed from operational standards, DMI can design a commissioning program specifically for your project's requirements. Below is a partial list of the services DMI can provide to meet your commissioning needs.

  • Schematic, design-development, and construction document review
  • Basis of Design document creation and maintenance
  • Submittal, Coordination Drawing, and As-Built review
  • Continuous construction walk-through and observation
  • Prefunctional and Functional Tesing
  • Long term and continuous trend analysis
  • Training and Operation and Maintenance Manual review
  • Post-occupancy review
  • 10-month end-of-warranty-period review
  • Re-, Retro-, and Continuous-Commissioning