Utility Rebate Programs

Many utility companies employ demand side management (DSM) programs to help reduce energy consumption. These regulated programs have been designed to reduce load on strained energy generation and distribution infrastructure, and to help mitigate the societal costs that are associated with energy usage. The program benefits the customer by subsidizing the first cost of capital improvements that provide long-term energy and operational cost savings.

DMI is a preferred technical services provider to the major utilities in New England. We help you and your design team navigate the intricacies of the utility rebate programs, and prepare the necessary documentation for the submission of rebate applications. This effort includes:

  • Site walk-through of existing facilities to identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Pre-metering of equipment and/or estimation of loads
  • Schematic- or Design-Document review to identify potential measures
  • Energy simulation and analysis of savings
  • Estimation of first-cost expenditure to assess cost-benefit and payback
  • Authoring of Minimum Requirements Documents to ensure savings

Additionally, DMI provides assistance directly to utility companies to:

  • Provide peer review of analyses submitted by equipment vendors, performance contractors, and other engineering firms
  • Perform specialized evaluation services to assess the effectiveness of the utility rebate programs
  • Provide ongoing development assistance that improves and refines prescriptive and custom rebate programs