Metering and PowerMap

DMI has a broad selection of metering equipment, covering three-phase power, pressure, temperature, humidity, light level, and more. Additionally, we have developed software tools to analyze various types of metering data, providing clarity and understanding for assessing energy-user operation and performance. Analysis of metered data can provide information on load profiles and usage patterns. We can provide short term spot metering as well as long term metering for periods of up to two weeks or more.

Shown below is a PowerMap analysis of 15-minute demand data obtained for a site. The PowerMap analysis plots demand intensity, showing both annual (vertical axis) and daily (horizontal axis) trends in energy consumption over time. In the plot below, weekends are seen as periodic horizontal dark bands of data, the typical 6am-6pm schedule of operation stands out as a vertical column in the center of the day, and the highest demand occurs during the summer months in the middle of the day, when air-conditioning systems are working their hardest. The PowerMap is an invaluable tool for visual identification of demand trends, and often points to problem spots and areas of opportunity for improved energy efficiency.

metering and PowerMap