Impact Evaluations

DMI provides impact evaluation services that quantify the direct and indirect benefits of energy efficiency programs, particularly in the large commercial and industrial sectors.  Our range of expertise, M&V capability, and analytical methods make us well-suited for a wide range of evaluation projects. DMI has performed basic evaluations of the following:

  • Lighting technologies, variable speed drives, smaller air-cooled chillers and air compressors, and commercial refrigeration.
  • We have also evaluated highly complex projects including large refrigeration systems, custom industrial process upgrades, and whole building energy models

In addition to quantifying energy savings, demand impacts, and non-energy benefits, DMI identifies areas that resulted in shortcomings so corrections can be made for improved future project work. Shortcomings can include insufficient data collection, energy modeling detail, or equipment documentation. Process challenges such as proper measure categorization, savings documentation, or commissioning requirements impact program savings as well.

DMI’s evaluation work allows us to directly observe the factors negatively impacting the energy efficiency programs and make our own corrections when providing implementation-side services. The findings from our impact evaluations guide our wide range of implantation services.