Design Review

DMI provides design review services throughout the project development process. The earlier we are brought into a project, the more comprehensive an effect we can have on the final product. Our design review services:

  • Identify energy efficiency strategies that are already incorporated into the current design relative to a basic code-compliant design. These measures may be eligible for rebate application, or we may provide analysis that justifies keeping these features in the final design during the value engineering phase.
  • Identify potential improvements to the current design.
  • Identify improvements that facilitate commissioning, operations and maintenance.

Design review is provided at all levels of project development, including the schematic, design-development, and construction-document stages. We also provide submittal review to ensure that submitted equipment and controls meet the intent of details within the design documents.

Often, design review is employed during the commissioning process to maximize energy performance and facilitate future commissioning and maintenance activities. Learn more about commissioning.