Our Clients

DMI's clients consist of a diverse group of companies, with the common thread being the desire to improve the performance of buildings and the systems within them.

Our ability to serve our clients with timely and useful information has been proven over the years, and we have developed many long-term relationships that involve repeat business. These long-term relationships, whether they be with utilties, developers, or individual facility managers, allow our clients to take full advantage of the resources that DMI has to offer.

Following are detailed descriptions of the services we provide to various clients. Click on one of the links below to read more. We welcome the opportunity to apply our expertise to a facility near you!

If you would like to receive a list of client references, please send your inquiry to info@dmiinc.com

Regional Energy Utilities

DMI is a preferred technical service provider for many regional energy utilities, providing analytical and customer support for their energy efficiency programs. We assist utility customers in navigating these programs and provide analysis in support of incentive applications.

DMI also performs several services directly for the utilities. We have an ongoing role in providing the evaluation services that help assess program effectiveness. We provide development assistance to help utility programs adapt to new technologies and ever-improving standards of practice in design, construction, and operation. We also perform post-inspection and commissioning services to verify the installation and operation of energy efficiency projects.

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Whether for a new construction project or the renovation of an existing facility, DMI provides services that assist project design and development teams throughout each phase of the project. We can be involved as early as schematic design, and continue our involvement through construction and into the post-occupancy phase. The earlier we are brought onto a project team, the more effectively we can impact the eventual design. By focusing specifically on energy performance, we are able to track important details that are otherwise easy to lose sight of during the design and construction process. By using DMI as a resource, our design and construction clients provide added value to building owners by delivering a project with optimized energy performance and systems that are easy to operate and maintain.

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Building Owners, Operators, and Administrators

DMI provides direct services to building owners to help minimize energy consumption throughout their facilities. This can include facility walk-throughs to identify potential opportunities, utility planning and allocation studies, and other related services. While these services are often delivered in support of utility-sponsored incentive programs, we also enjoy taking on projects that may be outside of the normal scope of the typical rebate analysis.

DMI provides retro-commissioning and continuous commissioning services to ensure that existing systems operations are optimized, meeting or exceeding the design intent of their initial installation.

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Large Commercial and Institutional Clients

DMI has relationships with many large commercial and institutional clients to provide ongoing energy services for multi-building and campus-style facilities. This includes building walk-through energy audits, design review of new construction to identify opportunities, and commissioning and retro-commissioning services to confirm efficient operation of individual building and central plant systems.

We enjoy the opportunity to become experts on the intricacies of a client's facility, and that expertise is often developed incrementally over the course of several projects.

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Manufacturers and Industrial Process

DMI works with manufacturers in various industries to reduce operating costs and maximize output and profitability. We focus our efforts on improving the efficiency of the industrial process and its related support systems.

This may include walk-through energy audits to identify energy efficiency opportunities, testing, analysis and/or confirmation of the operation and sequencing of existing systems.

As with our other customers, we assist our industrial clients with the utility incentive application process to optimize their participation with these sorts of projects. Additionally, we provide research of new and emerging technologies to help our customers stay safely on the cutting edge of high efficiency operation.

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Municipalities and Public Services

DMI provides various energy services to help municipalities minimize energy cost and improve services to their citizens. Energy-consuming systems such as water supply, waste water treatment, and street lights offer important opportunities to save energy, and rebates offered by the utility companies provide a resource to offset implementation costs and reduce payback. DMI assists in assessing whether new equipment is necessary to reduce energy costs or whether existing equipment could be returned to more efficient working order by maintenance and adjustment.

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