About DMI

DMI offers a wide range of services and expertise, ranging from cost-benefit analysis of a single energy efficiency opportunity, to comprehensive strategies for reduced energy consumption in a campus of facilities. DMI has provided technical assistance resulting in millions of dollars in savings for our clients.

DMI was established during the emergence of Demand-Side Management (DSM) programs at the electric and gas utilities. At that time, utility companies were beginning to promote demand reduction and energy conservation in order to reduce their own infrastructure costs. These programs developed into the regulated energy efficiency incentive programs in use today, providing financial assistance to customers willing to invest in energy efficiency in their new construction and existing facilities.

Since its inception in 1989, DMI has expanded its range of expertise to include a broad spectrum of energy-related technical assistance. DMI works to optimize energy use for the owner, reducing operating costs and improving facility operation. We have exhibited a commitment to energy efficiency, achieving energy cost savings for our customers, as well as supporting environmental sustainability through conservation.

Today, we are composed of a tightly-knit team that specializes in how systems operate, the ways they use energy, and what factors impact energy use. This focus allows us to provide unparalleled, unbiased service aimed at reducing energy consumption and cost for our customers.